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During the last five years of my career I have work for two of New Zealand's most iconic recording studios. My journey began at York Street Studios back in 2012 where I was an intern making coffee and cleaning bathrooms. I quickly moved up the ladder and became the assistant engineer and eventually the house engineer. In 2014 I made the move to Roundhead Studios working as one of their house engineers. I was in that position right up until mid 2017 when I decided to go out on my own so I could produce records under my own name.

Whilst engineering for these amazing studios I was able work with many talented and renown artists from all around the globe including; Mumford and Sons, Passenger, Rita Ora, Neil and Tim Finn, Broods, Opshop, Six60, Fat Freddy's Drop, Don McGlashan, 1814, Sons Of Zion as well as producers such as; Tchad Blake, Greg Haver, Chris Vallejo, Clint Murphy, Steve James, Simon Gooding and many more. 

I have worked with most genres of music from heavy metal to programmed pop music and everything in between. I enjoy working on a large variety of styles and love the challenge of adapting to any situation.


Producing/ Engineering

As a producer it's my job is to not only make sure you get an amazing sounding recording but also to ensure that everything runs smoothly along the way. From organising studio time and session musicians, to arranging, mixing and mastering, I will be making sure everything is exactly to your liking and within your budget no matter how big or small.

Mixing and MAstering

I offer both on-line and attended mixing and mastering sessions. If your're looking to finish your album but are unsure who will be able to get your vision across please don't hesitate to have a chat about your project and I'll see what I can do for you. I offer extremely competitive rates but most importantly, I don't skimp on quality!

Mobile Recording

I have set-up a comprehensive mobile recording rig which allows for high quality recording wherever the music is happening. Whether you are wanting to record a live gig or you'd just like to work on your music in the comfort of your own living room, this can be a great low-cost alternative to working in a studio.


Here's some of my work:

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